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Audio Logs

I championed the expansion of our audio log experience, providing the system design for it and writing many of them (those from the Halsey, Blue Team, Glassed, Unconfirmed, Evacuation, and Genesis missions.)

Ambient Team Conversations

I also pitched and designed a "linger and chat with your team" feature. If you stopped to explore (providing synergy with the audio log feature), your team would kick up dialogues that were meant to provide interesting character and world background. In addition to providing the system design, I also wrote most of them. This is an example of a few missions, but this user has uploaded most of the rest as well.

Exuberant Witness

I won't claim credit for writing all these lines, but I did the early work to define what her voice sounded like and love how she came out.

Narrative Designer

Our team expanded for Halo 5, so I was no longer the sole narrative designer, but I remained the principle one, and was responsible for designing new and expanded narrative systems, like the audio logs, the hubs, and the ambient team conversations. My role as a writer expanded, and I provided a lot of writing for the systems mentioned above. In addition, I did multiple passes on the scripts for the zones that were my primary responsibility (Halsey, Blue Team, Glassed, Unconfirmed, Evacuation, the Meridian and Sanghelios hubs, and Genesis), though the final passes were done by the lead writer for consistency. I also implemented all narrative content for the missions listed above.

I'm proud of my role in helping to shape the new characters of Vale, Tanaka, and Exuberant Witness. Especially Exuberant, whose voice I defined and provided the temp VO for during development.


With my work on MMOs, I was tasked to do much of the early and late work on the Hubs. They ended up being immersive spaces with a lot of humor and character beats. Because of the co-op nature of the game, many scenes played out differently depending on who you played as.

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