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Cover art by Michał Migacz

LaGrange's Lullaby

Follow an elite security officer less than a week out from an emergency C section as she battles to survive an alien assault and deliver her newborn to safety.

Lancer Kia Greer wakes moments before bizarre aliens board the USEA LaGrange, plunging the starship into chaos. It’s not the first time Greer’s been down friends and low on options, but she’s never entered a firefight leaking milk, with a baby strapped to her chest. She’ll have to adjust quickly, because the unidentified life forms aren’t interested in contact, and her child cannot be allowed to join the rising body count.


Before the attack, Greer doubted her ability to be both an officer and a mother, but this situation demands it. Unfortunately, it isn’t just her body that needs healing from the trauma of childbirth. Her harrowing struggle to protect her newborn will test her on every level and plunge readers into a high-stakes, pulse-pounding science fiction adventure about what it takes to be a warrior and a mother under fire.

Purchase in ebook at Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

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