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Welcome! You've made it to the home of Morgan Lockhart. I'm a writer working in the game industry, where I have been for almost twenty years, working on such games as Everquest 2, Rift, Halo 4 and 5, Tell Me Why, and Guild Wars 2 (full list in portfolio.) I currently work as Lead Writer at Gearbox, working on something secret.

I've also published multiple short stories and am working on publishing my first full length novel.





With eighteen years of experience and more than a dozen shipped titles, I have worked on a broad range of projects in a variety of roles, giving me both breadth and depth as Writer and Narrative Designer.

View a portfolio of my past projects in video game design and writing.



Every once and awhile I put a piece of short fiction out into the world. Browse my traditional and twine based IF stories!


Art on this page provided by the following bad asses.

"Andrea" was drawn by Christina Barton for in-progress novel, Pole Demons.

"Eloe" was drawn by Carlyn Lim for my in-progress novel, Wasteborn.

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