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Game Designer, Lore Lead

For The Shadow Odyssey expansion, I took on the role of Lore Lead and produced a series of short stories about a group of historical heroes known as "The Ethernauts" that were released leading up to the expansion launch. These were popular and set the tone for the expansion's epic quest, which I also implemented. In addition, I was the principle designer on the massive overland zone The Moors of Ykesha, was a part of the instance team on Miragul's Phylactery, and provided written support for the partner launch "The Ethernauts" in our online TCG, Legends of Norrath, writing lore and card descriptions for them.

The Moors of Ykesha

The Ethernauts

I wrote a popular series stories that lead up to the launch of The Shadow Odyssey. They told the story of a band of heroes from the past who fought the same villains the players faced in the expansion. These became a sweeping epic that introduced and teased the locations and conflicts of the expansion and added vibrant personality's to Norrath's history.

They can all be found here

My favorites are probably

Escape from Guk

The Flight of the Mudskipper


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