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Narrative Designer

I was the sole Narrative Designer on Halo 4's campaign. It was my responsibility to implement all of Halo 4's narrative content and pace it all out. Additionally, I provided writing support for ambient VO, domain terminals, and later for Spartan Ops missions.

Mission Showcase

One of the more challenging missions to implement and pace was the game's opening mission. It ended up very narratively immersive, and I was particularly proud of that mission.

Cortana's Rampancy

One of my narrative design duties in Halo 4 was determine a cadence for  and execution of Cortana's rampancy. In addition to the major events in the story that illustrated her gradual falling apart, I had tools at my disposal to integrate into mission design including visual and audio effects. I paced these out in a way that created a gradual built and punctuated key moments.

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